I am a classical singer,

and proud to be one. I love opera, art song, oratorio, and don’t even get me started on classical choral music. As I worked my way through three classical vocal degrees, I found that I was perfectly prepared to train other classical singers, maybe even classic musical theater singers. But soon I was plunged into an environment where I was expected to train contemporary singers. Singers who wanted to sing anything BUT classical music.

So I set off to find the tools I needed to teach these voices; specifically, I was looking for the same broad base of pedagogical knowledge that I had been given access to during my many years of classical voice and pedagogy study. To my dismay, what I found was: not much. Sources for learning contemporary singing techniques are difficult to find, and many of them are not well informed by research, anatomy, physiology or pedagogy. There is also a strong bias against contemporary singing that still exists in the classical voice community.

I have spent the last decade turning my own knowledge of the voice and voice pedagogy to learning how to teach contemporary singers to sing in a healthful, sustainable way. It is my hope to pull back the curtain that shrouds vocal technique for every style of singing. To demystify the voice, and help teachers and singers really understand their voices and sing in any style they wish.

Certified Spectrum Singing Teachers

Michelle Rocqet

Michelle Rocqet is an educator at Youth on Record, which empowers under-served youth to achieve their academic, artistic, and personal best through creative music education. Rocqet is an Alumni and originating member of CU Denver’s female-identified a cappella group, Lark (BOSS 2015 outstanding rhythm section, SoJam 2015 Champions, CARA winner). Rocqet is also a current and originating member of MIX Vocal Band (BOSS 2013, MHVJ 2013/2014, SoJam2013 Champions, CARA, Macy’s $25K Challenge Winner). Vocalist/Beatboxer/Looper for Denver DIY band The Milk Blossoms, (Voted Denver Westword Magazine’s ‘Best Experimental Band’ 2016, nominated ‘Best Indie Pop Band’ 2017).

Michelle received her B.S. in Music Entertainment & Industry Studies with a double emphasis in Commercial Vocal Performance and Recording Arts from The University of Colorado Denver and has studied Dr. Erin Hackel’s life-changing Spectrum technique for 6 years.