Unleash Your Vocal Potential.

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Master  Any  Style.

Pop.  Musical Theatre. Classical.  Jazz. Choral.

Whatever you want to sing, you can.  Our technique empowers each singer to approach all music with power and confidence.

Belt With Ease.

Forget what you’ve heard about belting– with Spectrum Singing, you’ll discover your belt voice like never before.

Our unique approach provides you with the physiological tools you need to belt like a pro– healthy, strong, and sustainable.

Eliminate Breaks.

If you struggle with cracks or breaks in your voice, Spectrum Singing provides highly effective ways to overcome these.

By truly understanding the various mechanisms involved in vocal production, you will be able to sing throughout your entire range with improved consistency and tone.

“Spectrum singing has allowed me to comfortably belt high. I’ve carried this technique along to my own students. Dr. Hackel’s techniques have changed my life and launched me into my professional career! ”

– Emma W.

“I’m a professional singer and I’ve taken voice lessons from highly-esteemed instructors all over the country, but nothing has come close to this method.  My voice immediately became less strained, and now I am doing things I never thought possible with my voice.”

– Dustin R.

What is Spectrum Singing?

Spectrum singing is a transformative and proven method developed by Dr. Erin Hackel, an award-winning singer, professor, director, and teacher.
We’ll start with developing strong, regulated air-flow achieved through proper body alignment and epigastrium activation.


Then, we will focus on mastering the 4 laryngeal positions, which is key to unlocking the possibilities of your voice.


Finally, we will combine support and position with controlling the opening of your vocal folds using 4 distinct “gears”.

About The Creator

Dr. Erin Hackel received a BM in Voice Performance from James Madison University, an MM in Opera from SUNY Binghamton, and her Doctoral degree in Voice Performance and Pedagogy from CU Boulder. She has sung opera and musical theater roles across the country, and performs regionally with Central City Opera’s Outreach Ensemble. Dr. Hackel has taught at the collegiate level for 15 years, and her competitive, contemporary acappella ensembles, MIX and Lark, have performed across the United States, winning multiple awards for their innovative work.

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